Collectivus direction assistancy on movement and self connection for creation

I was happy to assist Marta aguilar on the training for self connection and scene and character creation through movement and body.


This is the team of Collectivus, produced by ELS MALNASCUTS, and chaptained by Marta Aguilar, whith who I’ve shared my third theatrical experience. She’s been present on my short life in theatre since I started, and having been able to contribute somehow to her first project it’s been a honour to me. It’s really nice to see how she managed to create such a motivating work atmosphere, being herself the first example of creativity, persistency, and generousity. To see this image as a compilative result of how it all worked, shows how with a common aim and nice energy we can work together and grow through it, whichever our age is and whoever we are. We just need a common goal and the will to work to get it. Congratulations to every one of you.


This scene is one of the few distinguishable remains from the work we did at the beggining of the process. I think we all liked it from the very first moment it happened, and probably that’s why it stayed until the final cut. On it, Violeta explained her dream about three male dogs wanting to fuck her, and also, to commit suicide. However a scene like these would have stayed or not, to me it was very nourishing to see how the based on physic and self-connection work we did was making the actors evolve and take tools to use by themselves for the ongoing process to come.

And this is what we could see in press:

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